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What is the PVS-7





The AN/PVS-7 is a single tube night vision goggle. Third generation image intensifiers are standard for military night vision. The PVS-7 is auto-gated to prevent image intensifier damage if exposed to intense light. The goggles have active night vision using a built-in infrared LED for low light situations. They are waterproof and charged with nitrogen to prevent internal condensation while moving between extreme temperatures.

They were designed to replace the older AN/PVS-5 from the Vietnam War. Though slowly being phased out by the AN/PVS-14, the AN/PVS-7 is still being used by the United States Armed Forces with hundreds of thousands in service.

The designation AN/PVS translates to Army/Navy Portable Visual Search, according to Joint Electronics Type Designation System guidelines.


These are available in Gen 2, Gen 2+, and Gen 3 variants. Tubes are usually green phosphor but white phosphor has also become popular.